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If you want people to buy your products, your products have to become part of their environment. Business decision makers love online videos as it gives out maximum information in the shortest amount of time. And people don’t want to be sold, but they actually want information about the things they care about. So, what better way of advertising and marketing your brand to your customers than an informative gripping video. Videos can attract a different audience, one that might not want to take the time to read a white paper or an article about your product or brand.


Amongst numerous digital marketing tools or strategies that every leading digital marketing agency comes up with, Video creation services are considered as critical part of a viable marketing plan. With video galvanizing today’s marketing world, many companies are utilizing it to hike their visual presence and boost traffic and sales. It offers an ever increasing “pass-along” value in the current digital market as it can be shared on social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn and others.

Few of the interesting ways you can hike your brand presence:

  • From banners to Twitter GIFs to explainer videos to animated infographics, Motion graphics in your content are the prefect tool to share exciting brand story, engage your audience & communicate your product value in less than a minute.
  • Videos are the new king in digital marketing. Adding voiceover to the videos has proven to be highly effective as 83% of the marketers believe it helps in lead generation & 88% believe that it reaps higher ROI.

So why not cash-in on that huge opportunity of earning higher with creating a credible visual brand image in the market. Definitely, one size doesn’t fit all. By that, we mean, for every business, you must outsource and get a customised video marketing plan from a seasoned Video Marketing company in Gurgaon like Qwerty Brand Solutions, raising the bar with every successful project of them.

“No matter what you do, your job is to tell your story.”

Gary Vaynerchuk


Definitely because we craft video masterpieces that are boldly conceptualized and beautifully engineered that are just begging to be shared. We surely believe you have immense talent pool with your in-house marketing team but outsourcing to QWERTY would definitely place your brand in the higher realm of things as our clever marketing plan comes packed with strategies raging with maximum leads and yielding loaded website traffic. One such strategy we boast of is our VIDEO MARKETING SERVICE, that speaks volumes of its own.

We’d be happy to share about our video creation services in detail here:


Get yourself a digital calling card by placing your brand in the forefront by promoting & raising awareness of your company’s brand


Ensuring your core brand message and offerings are put across interestingly without compromising on accuracy


Focuses on monetizing on positive association with customers than just self-promotion


Amazing kickstart for introducing your new products or services in a way that it stays with the customers for long


Spreads the word like wildfire, it’s a powerful tool to engage your followers on social media platforms


Draw your preferred customer-set towards your brand via these promotional videos, instead of outright asking them to buy


Perfect to every detail

Ideate as the audience commands

Customizing multi-platforms

Collaborate with our team of young progressive thinkers and seasoned industry experts, thriving in the digital arena alongside testing unconventional ideas and daring attempts at breaking stereotypes. Team QWERTY believes in helping businesses flourish by coining digital-oriented solutions.