About Us

About Us

At the very core of the young digital agency that QWERTY is, there is a strong belief to help brands turn their dreams into visions, and visions into reality.

The think-tank has an IIM-Bangalore degree in Marketing, more than a decade of rich agency experience, and years of learning from content strategy and positioning. We are a team of young and experienced resources who put more than 30 years of industry experience to create messaging that is disruptive, practically making everyone sit up and take note.

As strategists, QWERTY believes that the era of traditional marketing is all but gone. The new consumer is fast-paced, digital-savvy and opinionated. He is the influencer, the critic and the buyer. He notices, talks about, and dismisses digital trends faster than the brands can keep up. Then how do you stick out and make a long-lasting impact?

As digital strategy creators, QWERTY plugs into the purpose and ask Why? to your organisation to create seamless points of conversation throughout the digital landscape. Our strength is excellent digital voice that is compelling enough to capture the emotions of the audience, and cost effective enough to make business sense to the brand.

Create a comeback.

Give your brand the 360Ëštreatment.